Tuesday, January 29, 2013


"Personally I believe a person need to make themselves whole first in terms of social life, finance, career and maturity, then they're in the right state of mind to decide if they're ready for a relationship.

Most people jump in a relationship hoping to find that one person to make them whole, hence when the fog is lifted the disappointment starts to sink in. Most people can't cherish their partners because they didn't fix the issues with themselves to begin with.

If you constantly can't live with your own skin, what makes you think you can manage another person in your life? Constantly needing to receive validation from others signals that you're insecure about yourself to begin with" - anonymous,2013.

Friday, January 18, 2013

2012 in memory


Dah nak habis bulan Januari 2013,baru la aku nak tulis post ni. Uhuks. Saja sekadar nak cukup syarat,nak mengimbau kembali kenangan2 dan pencapaian2 sepanjang 2012. *ade keeee?* haha

Takde ape pun perkembangan drastik dalam hidup aku. Status masih bujang. *forever bujang :( * Masih lagi setia dengan Silterra. Masih lagi tiada smartphone. Masih lagi same old baishatul. Social life lagi la tak berkembang :(

Bab pekerjaan, masih belum tau lagi sebab review dlm bulan 3 nanti. Tapi awal tahun 2012, bos bagi kejutan. Aku ingatkan performance aku so-so je. Tapi dia cakap i am one of the best. So he gave me "high performance" during my last review. Alhamdulillah. Tapi itu review untuk 2011. 2012 belum tahu. From my own observations, most of my projects completed. And i've been transferred to new process (which i'm still learning and exploring) and i must say i enjoy this new experience. Tapi this new process mcm not much issue like my last process. So no big improvement project needed. So far ada dua projects which require a lot of evaluations and testings. It's ok. I think i can handle that. My last boss has been promoted to be our Head Of Department, so our super senior engineer,has become my new boss. Both of them are good friends but with different personalities. One is down to earth type, less talking more working, has systematic working style, and very soft spoken. The other one is genius but talk too much. More outgoing but a bit 'cakap besar' type. I must say that my respect goes to the first one maybe because i used to work with the second one since the first day i'm at Silterra so feels like he is one of my colleague,not my boss. The later one is my current boss indeed. @_@ And lately i always express my unsatisfactory to him. Haha. Rebellious baishatul :P

So, on 2012 few of my friends get married. Ok tak ingat sape sebab ramai sgt and confused dengan taun 2011 punya wedding ceremony but the closest one is Syamira. Happy for you. Kurangkan membebel tau. Haha. And i believe more and more of my friends will be get married on this year (2013). Dont ask about me. I dont even sure about my life plan. Sad, but that's the truth. Kalau ikutkan my initial life plan,which i did when i was 17, the ideal age for me to get married is when i'm 26. But Allah knows best. :) I dont want to question that. But i always pray supaya Allah dekatkan my jodoh,supaya hubungan yang masih tidak halal ini cepat2 jadi halal, supaya aku tidak menanggung lebih banyak dosa dengan meneruskan hubungan ni. I've been waiting for too long, and i'm not sure how much longer should i wait. Yes,i have options. I can simply end this relationship and looking forward to more barakah relationship, but i guess my iman is still too weak. I dont dare to do that :( Ampunkan aku ya Allah :'(

At the end of 2012 which is on 12/12/12 to be exact, dapat anak sedara! syukur Alhamdulillah. It's a boy, and i'm sure my brother will shape him to be like him. Marvel Superhero freak. Haha. Tak sampai 2 minggu budak tu lahir dah suruh pakai baju Superman -_-'

Anyway, as for 2013, i'm thinking of changing my lifestyle. I'm 25 this year, and should be more mature, more independent, stronger heart and improve my ibadah. There is something that i always wanted to do, but hesitate for no reason even though it's a must for muslimah and alhamdulillah i've started to do that now. Hopefully i will istiqamah in doing that till the day i die :)

So, i wish happy 2013 to everyone, improve ourselves, improve our ibadah, improve our iman and be closer to Allah. In shaa Allah. And please pray for me as well :) And here i share my nephew's picture with his superman shirt :)


::spell to be cast out::

saya rindu semua orang.