Monday, June 25, 2012

sedikit titipan

Agaknya nuffnang ni sayang aku kot. Berbulan2 tak update pun still diorg kasi BE kat aku. Terpaksalah update nak menunjukkan tanda terima kasih tu. Uhuk.

Oklah,nak cite ape nih. Herm,takde benda menarik berlaku. Jom bincang perihal perasaan nak? What should i do if the feeling is not there anymore? It's not that the feeling just suddenly disappear, maybe it's because of the stagnant environment and situation. And today, i randomly stumble upon this article :

"I just recently got dumped by my ex girlfriend because she said that her feelings has changed and is not the same. We was together for 5.5 years and saw her as the one I want to spend the rest of my life with... She also said the reason she dumped me because I took her patience for granted and that I got too comfortable in the relationship and felt like I have all the time in the world... She wanted everything from me, marriage and kids the whole nine. She also feel like that I will never change my ways and will always be me. That she bent over backwards for me and never did anything for her. Which is not completely true. I was there for her, love and cared for her. She also think that I'm selfish because I never gave her what she wanted, during the time she wanted it ( Proposal, marriage, and kids).. I just felt like I wasn't financially and emotionally ready. I told her that, and also told her that I never doubted her. That I wanted to marry her, I just needed some time... But I guess she lost her patience and gave up on waiting for it. We been having this issue for about 6 months and tried to work on it. It came to a point now where she finally dumping me, she said that she still loves me, but her feelings has changed, there's no more spark and she's not happy with the relationship.

Last night we had a talk, she pretty much told me the same thing, that she can't do us RIGHT NOW multiple times... Why is she saying right now? When she's dumping me. When she should be saying she can't do us anymore period.. So I just told her that I didn't want it to end this way and this is not what I want. I told her that I would still love to marry her and give her what she wants. I told her I'm sorry for the things I've done and that it didn't work out between us. Also said that I hope she can find someone who will make her happy.

My feelings is like a roller coaster... I don't want to lose her and still want to be her and make things work. But after realizing the things she said, I feel like it's not my choice anymore and there's nothing I can say or do that could change her mind.. I'm hurt, angry, and confused... I don't know how to feel.

Is it possible that maybe she just needs some time to figure out what she really wants or how she feels... Or from the things she said, is it pretty much clear that she don't want to be with me anymore...

I've been reading a lot of article about girlfriends dumping their boyfriend almost for the same reason of feelings not being the same and being unhappy but later on them finding out that they felt like they made a mistake and really love that person.

Please I need some feed back... I need some advice on how take these and what to do from here...

Thanks I appreciate it..."

and based on the responses, i think this one is the best :

"You don't marry someone when times are good. You marry because you love each other, because no matter what happens, either losing all your money or becoming rich, you will always have each other. She obviously wanted to stand next to you through your tough times.

Saying you don't want to get married because you're not financially stable, to me, is just another excuse.

I think you lost her... "

what do you think?

::spell to be cast out::

saya rindu semua orang.