Saturday, December 15, 2012


Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera :D

Lama betoi tak rage kat sini.haha. Either takde idea or no special occasion to tell or story about. Yeah,i have such a bored life,i know. But i dont even feel bad, because that's me. I love to be alone and do my own things. Some might say i'm the "forever alone girl", but like i care. Dont judge me if you dont even know me.

But what hurts me the most when someone expect me to change. To be like everybody else. Trust me, i have done everything i can to change myself,but to no avail. I am still me. This is me. This is how i walk my life. I might not have many friends like you do, but all friends that i have right now,are true friends. I might always give bad first impression to everyone that i just met, but trust me. They always ended well. I might look introvert, always have "socially awkward" situation, but once i knew you well, i will treasure you like there is no tomorrow (wah,propa sgt ke?) So please, dont expect me to be like someobody else, because that simply means you dont accept me as i am. And i dont think this will end well for us.

::spell to be cast out::

saya rindu semua orang.